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All proceeds benefit the Chicago area firefighters, their families and community.

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Ignite The Spirit is a charity established by the Chicago Fire Department to help provide funding and resources to our Brothers & Sisters as well as our community in time of need. We make this happen through fundraising events and donations. You too can get involved in this unique and impactful effort by volunteering, attending upcoming events or by making a tax deductable donation.

Since 2003, Ignite the Spirit has helped over 500 families in need and we are still going strong. Over one million dollars in donations has been generously provided to ease the hardship of Chicago Fire Department families. We understand what it means to give back to the less fortunate. It is never good to see strong, brave people who protect and help the public every day in such despair, often with nowhere to turn. It is through Ignite The Spirit that we turn to you—none of this would be possible without your generous help.

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Ignite the Spirit is delighted to announce the names of our local High School and College 2022 Scholarship Winners. From the number of applicants we received to the strength of each essay, picking our 2002 winners was not an easy task. These distinguished students were chosen from an overwhelming number of outstanding submissions. The following student winners will have $1,000 sent to their school to be used toward continuing education. Thank you for all of your submissions.

High School Winners

Patricia Gleason
Cate McNamara
Maya Downs

College Winners

Redmond Murphy
Rosemary Mullaghy
Ashlin Palzkill

Those who were AN status or still are AN status, please contact Rich Pinskey via email at Please include a screen shot of your greenslip where the DOCK is noted, also include when you went on AN status, and if you are still AN status.

Hero of the Month Sponsor

In Memoriam

MaShawn Plummer

MaShawn Plummer

Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends and all our CFD brothers and sisters on the passing of MaShawn Plummer of Engine 94. This is a very sad day for the City of Chicago.

#cfdstong #stayhomesavelives

MaShawn Plummer

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